I'm an ARTIST and a professional, and I take great pride in capturing the TRUE BEAUTY and SPIRIT of each senior I work with. I don't subscribe to a cookie-cutter style and you won't find me only sharing images of girls who resemble Barbie. I believe that true beauty lies within, and by getting to know and love my clients, I'm able to capture their essence and forever memorialize the things each senior loves about themselves. I believe in the empowering nature of senior photography. I want my clients to leave me feeling beautiful and special...and to take their heirloom products that symbolize this amazing time, cherish them, and someday even pass them down to their children and grandchildren.





Fun facts about me: 

I'm 37. I'm not even sure how that happened! I was a senior just 5 minutes ago!

I'm happily married to Joey, and we have a 10 year old daughter, Ella, and a 13 year old son, Cole. I can hardly believe I'm a parent to a teenager now!

We are originally from Middle Tennessee, but have lived in the Northwest Arkansas/ Southeast Missouri "bootheel" area for a little over 8 years now.

I live off of coffee and mexican food. I love reading, baths, and hanging out at home in my pajamas. I'm basically an old lady.

I love camping, bonfires, playing in the creek, cuddling with my sweet puppy, and hanging out with good friends.

Oh, and I have the most amazing job in the world, but duh.